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Customer satisfaction is central for SAS. Through market research, we are constantly gathering customer insights in order to be as close to their needs as possible. We monitor and track nationally the emergence of new customer trends and possible issues in relation to our products and business.

Depending on the relevance and development of the issue, we take action and adapt our policies and process accordingly. To grant our future success, we also look at customers’ future needs to start already developing new products today for customers’ needs of tomorrow.

In recent years, a constant increase in the number of customer enquiries has been recorded. All enquiries are systematically recorded by a specific customer relationship management system (CRM) and provide information about matters of central concern to customers. Our customer service specialists are constantly trained, and we are further improving the cooperation between the different divisions regarding an even more effective handling of customer inquiries complaints and concerns.

As producer of some of the India’s finest chocolates and other bakery and ice cream product, we will never compromise on quality or food safety. To guarantee that the products live up to the SAS (INDIA) promise, the company has very stringent internal and external quality control mechanisms in place.

This quality control includes very strict testing processes, conducted on different levels from raw materials to the finished product. Only once the company is convinced that a finished product lives up to the high quality standards, it leaves the factory in impeccable condition. The careful evaluation of the distribution channels that sell SAS (INDIA) products and store them is highly relevant in the quality control system.

There is an entire quality management network engaged in assuring the excellence of SAS (INDIA) products – from raw materials to release of the products to the customer. The production process is divided into several levels, each of which has mandatory quality standards the product must fulfill in order to pass on to the next level. products exceeding specified internal company limits are consequently rejected. All manufacturing units are inspected unannounced on an annual basis by an external Food Safety auditor. All SAS (INDIA) production sites have repeatedly and successfully passed the audit.

Customers purchase chocolate depending on different characteristics such as percentage of cocoa, absence of critical ingredients as for example allergen, palm oil, or genetically modified organisms, and the presence of specific labels. Transparent customer communication is therefore highly relevant for SAS Sorrel.

Taking into account that food allergies can be triggered due even to the smallest amounts of specific food proteins, a detailed list of all ingredients used in food products is vital. SAS is aware of its responsibility to ensure that all ingredients, including minor concentrations of potential allergens such as hazelnuts and almonds, are clearly communicated to the customer via the ingredient list or allergen information. Therefore SAS notifies its customers by printing a conspicuous warning on the product that may contain traces of nuts or milk.

Nutritional values of all SAS products are labeled on the packaging in accordance to national and international laws.

In SAS we maintain an open work culture where respect, trust and fair play characterize our working relationships.

We foster teamwork and facilitate communication and understanding across all disciplines, business segments and geographies to create a company of people who support each other for mutual success.We encourage, recognize and reward individual innovation, personal initiative and leadership of people throughout the organization. We offer an attractive working environment and maintain or increase employee engagement, satisfaction and employee retention.

We support our employees in finding and maintaining a healthy work-life-balance. We therefore strive to find the right balance between working on efficiency/productivity and offering the employees support to cope with the increasing work requirements. At the same time we give employees increasing empowerment to coordinate their private life and work in their preferred way whenever possible.

We offer equal opportunities and foster diversity in employment, development and advancement for those qualified.Discrimination in hiring and employment on the grounds of race, religion, age, nationality, color, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, health condition, political opinion, creed or other basis prohibited by law is not practiced.